Today you will learn to create a custom dropdown select option with HTML & CSS. As there is no direct way to do style it, it took me a while to figure out how easily we can style an HTML select dropdown using only CSS. No additional wrapper elements or pseudo-elements are involved (except for one that’s needed for IE10+):You can find some examples of how it looks in different layout contexts over here on the project demo page. First, for background, here’s an unstyled select element. One for HTML & one for CSS. I have created a radio input with an ID & a class, its look like this: . Solution: Custom HTML CSS Select Option, Pure HTML & CSS Stylish Dropdown Options. I usually set *{box-sizing:border-box;}not only for forms, but also webpages. In there, the class is to giving styles, ID is for matching the label. . There are multiple options for styling. There are a lot of basic things I can’t describe in writing, after getting the codes you will understand automatically. Made by Dany Santos February 8, 2017 .select-style select option to the css, to change the font and the color of the options. On … Remember to set the width: -->